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Paddle Boards

Bote Inflatable Paddle Boards

Perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, stand-up paddle boards are becoming enormously popular with fishermen. Inflatables are even better due to being more portable and easier to store when not in use, as well as much more resistant to bumps and bruises due to their design.

We offer the full range of Bote Paddle Boards, including their excellent new inflatable series of "AeroBotes" which are perfect for travel or if your vehicle is not able to store a full-size, non-inflatable board. Also great to put on board your larger boat and then anchor and paddle into the flats for ultimate skinny water fly fishing.

An optional tackle rack for the HD or Rackham allows easy access to rods and a place to keep gear higher up from the water line.

Note: If you prefer the solid (non-inflatable) boards, please contact us at: to arrange for shipping via freight. The inflatables can be shipped via normal UPS

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