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Staff Picks for Best Saltwater Setups & Gear

Staff Picks for Best Saltwater Setups & Gear (mini review)

This list brings together some of our personal favorite gear which also happens to be the gear that many of the best guides use and recommend. The Salt HD or the X from Sage are hard to beat and the new IGNITER is a beast (we have been testing our demo rods here in windy conditions that the Igniter is designed for, and we are very impressed). In order of most CONTROL to most POWER, it would be X, Salt HD, Igniter.

Important Side Note: Sage rods carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY. They are all Made in USA (near Seattle). The warranty covers defects but here's a little secret: If you break your rod and it's one of the current models like we suggest here, Sage charges you all of $25 for a repair. Yes, really. $25 for the rod you broke, not for defects. Defects they will repair at no charge for your entire life. We love the excellent customer service especially because it makes our lives easier when calming down customers who are freaking out because their kid stepped on their new $900 rod by accident. Nothing to worry about with Sage. Just take the $25 out of their allowance and now your repair is free!  

Simply put, the Sage Salt HD is an easy recommendation for best all-around saltwater fly rods. For more advanced casters in minimal wind, the X has incredible finesse. For the guy who will fish in any weather, bringing an Igniter along may save you for the windy days. The Igniter is also nice to have for the times when you booked your fishing trip way in advance but now it's blowing a steady 15mph and you can't get a refund. The Sage Salt HD does fine in wind but you can really power through it with an Igniter. Again, for a balance between X and Igniter, we have to say the Salt HD is as good as it gets.

Pick out an 8wt rod and reel and get started saltwater fly fishing. Or a 10wt for Permit / 11wt for Tarpon. We are happy to get everything set up for you and ready to fish, on request. We will include backing with any of these reels and if you purchase a rod & reel together we will include a fly line. Let us know which kind of fish you want to catch and we can include a few of our favorite flies with your rod & reel combo as well. 

This is the gear we personally use almost every day on the water in Florida and beyond. We love saltwater fly fishing so much we do it for work AND for fun. We wake up thinking about it. And believe me, when it comes to saltwater fly fishing gear, we have tried everything on the market so you won't have to.

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