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We always want to ensure price matching is easy and convenient for our customers and that our pricing is always as great as our service. We are happy to assist you by phone 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. 

Current Price Match of Competitors - May end or change at any time:

10% Off Select Brands* as a Price Match of a Competitor (Not everything - Only the specific products that our competitor is discounting) - Use Code at Checkout: TW10 

10% Off First Purchase: A major competitor is discounting these brands by 10% for a single purchase so we are matching that offer separately (single use price match, one per customer, does not combine) using this code at checkout: MATCH10 

*We reserve the right to cancel, revoke, or modify these price match offers at any time. Offers do not combine with any other discounts, points or promotions such as free items with a purchase. For example: You can still choose to get a free fly line with most fly rods instead of this match, just add the fly rod you want to cart and then add a fly line, it should adjust the discount automatically - feel free to contact us if you have questions.

*Please Note: Brands are excluded from this price match if our competitor is not discounting them. Some brands may prefer that we do not price match directly using a code, so you will need to call us to request a price match of a competitor's verified current offers (we are well aware of what is discounted and by whom). We only match other authorized dealers who are discounting, we do not put things on sale. 


IMPORTANT: Support your local fly shops if you have them. We are here for everyone else who doesn't have access to that great resource. When we price match it is to stay competitive with major national retailers, not the local mom and pop fly shops. Give them your business ahead of anyone else including us. If you can afford a few bucks extra for the experience and great service, help keep your local shop alive. We were also a small local shop once upon a time so we understand.  

If you work at another fly shop and feel this price matching is unfair, contact the brands involved and complain. We don't like it either. If you have a "problem customer" pestering you, feel free to let us know and we will also ignore them. We don't encourage bad behavior and we don't need their money. We don't do any deals with bad customers we can tell have been beating up their local shops on prices and then when you guys hold firm they come to us to try to get even better deals. We don't need any bottom feeders, we have a very elite clientele. The usual type who goes and casts every rod with you guys and then wants to buy elsewhere is the worst. 

We only price match other competitors, we do not violate brands advertised pricing requirements (known as MSRP or MAP) but we must be competitive in order to be fair to our customers who would always prefer to buy from us (thanks guys). We understand when you see someone else discounting when we are not, it seems unfair - Please keep in mind that we are required by the brands we carry to display certain pricing. Unfortunately a few shops choose to cheat and not do the right thing - We take our relationship with these top fly fishing brands very seriously and we enjoy being one of the best saltwater fly shops on the planet. Sadly as with most things, a few bad people make it difficult for the rest of us. We care about our customers and the brands we carry but we also need to stay in business.


Our Standard Price Match Policy:

We will Price Match all Authorized Dealers on request - including their equivalent points and rewards programs, coupons, etc -  in compliance with manufacturer requirements (call us for details). Normally this price match will be in the form of a direct credit toward your order. Talk to us, we are happy to help and answer any questions. Call us! 941-483-6847

We always give you the best pricing possible. We follow manufacturer requirements on price, this is not set by us. Some retailers may not follow the requirements sometimes, but let us know and we are happy to reward you for bringing this to our attention. Call us for the best advice and deals! We will gladly price match all authorized dealers (including their points or rewards programs, coupons, etc) with an instant credit on your order. 


We also offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 anywhere in the United States.