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We will gladly Price Match ALL authorized dealers (including their equivalent points and rewards programs, coupons, etc) in compliance with manufacturer requirements (call us). Normally this price match will be in the form of a direct credit toward your order. This must be a customer request in order for us to do it (talk to us, we are happy to help). Our competitors are frequently found to be offering the equivalent of 10% Off! - We are happy to beat that instantly with a credit on your order to price match them. Your order may qualify for free flies, line, or other items as well (this is also subject to various manufacturer requirements). Call us!


We always give you the best pricing possible. Call us for the best advice and deals! We will gladly price match all authorized dealers (including their points or rewards programs, coupons, etc) with an instant credit on your order. Call us to discuss deals on a combo (fly rod & reel, line, etc). The high-end brands that we sell often require specific advertised pricing (MAP) for their products. Call us for more information. We will price match any authorized dealer (including their points programs or rewards).

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 anywhere in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii, two very important states for fishing!).

Save 10% Off Select Items! (Purchases over $150) with code: SAVE10 at Checkout* (Certain exclusions apply due to manufacturer requirements, please call us for details: 941-483-6847)

*Note: Some brands have requested not to participate in any discount code (coupon) so you can call us directly instead. We know some other dealers have a "points program" which is the same as a discount but for certain brands we have been asked to have customers call us to discuss this price matching rather than show a code on the website. We will beat any points program from any authorized dealer. We will gladly accept their coupons as well. 

Why? Other dealers with retail stores make deals with you face to face. Since we are online, you will need to call us if you want a deal. It's the same thing. This is to comply with various policies from some of the brands we carry. We also have the best advice (particularly for saltwater!) so it's a good idea to call us anyway. We love hearing from our customers and we are happy to help you.


Call or text us any time for assistance: 941-483-6847  - Ask a pro instead of worrying about what you need for your next fishing trip. We are lifelong fishermen and we run this website so we can keep chasing fish all over the world and help others do the same. 

Another important thing to consider as you choose a fly shop: We see that many of our "competitors" don't actually carry saltwater flies. Some of them don't carry any flies at all. Seems kinda weird, for a "Fly Shop" not to have flies. Almost like they just want your money for the big ticket items and don't care if you catch fish or not. We want you to catch fish! We have a ton of great saltwater flies. Why? Because how else are you going to use your brand new rod and reel? Don't buy from a shop without good flies, and don't take advice on saltwater fishing from people who only fish on land.