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Scott Sector Review - One of the Best Saltwater Fly Rods Ever Made

Scott Sector Review - One of the Best Saltwater Fly Rods Ever Made

I really like this rod. Scott Sector fly rods have been out for awhile now but remain among my top choices. I have said it before and I will say it again, there isn't any such thing as a "perfect fly rod" by itself, it depends mainly on the user and the fly line you pair with it. Scott is no exception to this, it does need the right lines to perform at its best. This rod is in some ways the opposite of my other favorite Sage Salt R8. The Sage is very good with many different lines in all conditions. This rod (in 8wt for example) is absolutely phenomenal with a proper Bonefish line and low wind. This is just a purpose-built, wonderful flats fly rod. There aren't that many saltwater-specific fly rods out there at all, and few can compare to the Sector. The Salt R8 will still beat this rod in terms of versatility and how well it performs across a wide variety of lines, but for pure Bonefish & Permit pursuits, this is really hard to beat. Lightweight, accurate, responsive, this is an excellent rod in the right hands. Because this rod is "true-to-weight" it can suffer when compared to most stiff, heavy saltwater rods which are actually a line size or two heavier than what they are labeled. Keep in mind that this rod in a 9wt is a better comparison with some of the supposed 8wt rods out there today. If you are worried about it, just go a size up. The Sector, and really Scott rods as a company, are all about precision and performance. It's easier for competitors to claim more power if they are not putting the true weight of the rod so it isn't a fair comparison. Trust me, this rod casts incredibly well and has plenty of power. I use my 8wt Sector all the time.

Now, for the hardware side. Performance might be a little subjective but the Sector's components are very clearly the highest in quality. Scott makes the best reel seats in the entire industry, period. Do you care? I do, I am always switching reels and lines and rods, this is the only one that stays properly oriented no matter what you do. Also the fastest to lock up perfectly when putting the reel on. Try it, you'll see what I mean. It also feels the best in terms of craftsmanship. The Sector is truly a gem in terms of high-end components, from top to bottom only the very best guides, cork, and reel seat were used to build these rods and it shows. Titanium and ceramic, highest quality anodizing, raw carbon (Scott doesn't sand it down or paint it, to make sure they don't compromise performance in any way). This rod is serious.

Remember, I talk to customers about fly rods all day every day. I listen and I hear what the feedback is from real people (mostly beginners to intermediate) - Surprisingly, a lot of them tell me they tried this rod before somewhere and didn't like it. My first question: What line were you using with it? "I don't know" - Ok, well I have to tell you it does make a big difference in how much you will like this rod. Also everyone has their own preferences for casting style and so on. But make no mistake, this is a very, very good fly rod. I can see beginners not liking it as much, so for them I'd go with a Sage. A ton of professional guides use Scott Sectors, believe me these are high-performance rods once you get the feel for them and practice a bit.

One more fun fact about Sectors: They offer some very cool choices which nobody else does, and this is another thing I really admire about Scott for taking the trouble to make so many versions for different saltwater applications. Sectors are available in the standard 9'0" 4-piece configuration (like the majority of saltwater fly rods), but also most sizes are available as a 2-piece rod in a very slightly shorter length of 8'10" and even a few 8'4" 4-piece rods (I personally own the 8'4" 8wt and it is awesome for close range and fishing around docks or mangroves). Scott also makes a very cool 13wt Sector and even a 15wt for those of you hunting Marlin or other big game offshore. Very few companies invest in such a wide range of saltwater tools, and I am very glad Scott still does this. Other companies just offer a single 8wt saltwater rod. Scott has three, all a little bit different and all very, very good. Then they make three versions of nearly every other size too, instead of just one. Plus, they don't stop at the 12wt as many companies do, they offer a 13 and a 15wt which are the lightest I have used. Very cool rod series. Lots of strong options for any saltwater conditions. Best components of any fly rods on the market. Performance to rival any competitor. For my conclusion I'll just put it this way: I could use whatever fly rods I want and I have several Scott Sectors which go with me everywhere.


*My fly line picks are usually featured in our various combos which I have made after carefully testing dozens of saltwater fly lines on each rod brand and each weight of rod. Top choices for the Sector will be the SA Bonefish line in 7-8wt, also excellent is Airflo Flats Universal or Tactical Taper. Rio Bonefish works very well with this rod, also one of my top choices. In larger sizes go for SA Infinity Salt, Airflo Flats Universal, or Rio Permit or Tarpon lines. There are other great lines for these rods, I am just covering a few popular ones which I know work very well. Try to avoid extra heavy lines, I don't like them in general unless I have to use one for a certain application. Generally I'd say to use light to medium lines on these rods and you will enjoy them more, same with the T&T Sextant series. For very heavy lines the Sage Salt R8 or Thomas & Thomas Exocett SS are a better option.

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