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Shilton Reels

Shilton Fly Reels

Shilton has a legendary reputation as the reel of choice for the most exotic fishing destinations and the biggest gamefish. Even a massive Giant Trevally can't beat a Shilton reel. These reels also have a key advantage over the competition: The easily accessible full open cork drag system makes it simple for you to clean and service your own reels. Any issue can be resolved in seconds without even taking your reel off your rod. Shilton also has a full selection of replacement parts, meaning you don’t even need to send your reel in to be repaired – you can do it yourself! These reels are rugged and repairable which is definitely what you want on an important trip to a remote fishing destination.

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Note: All of these reels can be ordered in any of the colors you see below, we just don't have photos of each size in every color. Also you can customize/mix and match part colors by special order, just ask us!

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