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Best Fly Rods for Bonefish

Best Fly Rods for Bonefish in Flats from Bahamas to Christmas Island!

We at Salt Fly Pro are the foremost experts on Bonefish and Bonefish rods. Why? Because that is our bread and butter, our all-day everyday sales. We do sell some trout rods, but Bonefish is the core of what we do. And there have never in history been this many awesome rods tailored to saltwater fishing, ever. So many excellent options, how to choose? Call or email us if you'd like some help picking a rod or reel, or the right combination of those (you can talk to an actual pro not just some sales clerk).

We love the new Scott Wave which was just released in September 2022 - Now Sage Mavericks finally have some competition in the mid-priced American-made category (which honestly the Maverick has rightfully dominated since it's release). At the top end of the market, the Scott Sector fights the Sage Salt HD, the Sage R8, the Sage Igniter, the Sage... ok a lot of great Sage rod options. Then of course the fantastic Winston Saltwater Air series for something a bit less "super fast" action than some of the others but still fast and with fantastic feel and responsiveness, and then of course the Winston Alpha, which is a beast in 7wt fishing like an 8wt or higher, cutting right through wind (this is the shop owner's personal choice, it is an absolute laser beam regardless of conditions). 

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