Earn 10% Back in Rewards on Full-Priced Items!

*We apologize to any current customers who had lost points due to our brand new website and points program updates - please contact us for manual redemption of your points. Everything should be fixed now.

**Price Match of Offers from Competitors*
Offer is valid on [Gift Cards](https://saltflypro.com/products/salt-fly-pro-gift-card) over $100 and cannot be combined with any other offers or rewards. **Not valid with the "Free Fly Line with Fly Rod" offer although that is also a current promotion if you choose it. We reserve the right to adjust/remove free items or points earned from orders which combined with this gift card offer.

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Sign up today and start earning 10% back on your purchases of items sold at full price (MSRP/MAP) and without any other discount or free items like fly line applied.

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Want to refer a friend? You can each receive $20 off orders of $150 or more!

Rewards can be earned on most products but this is at the sole discretion of our staff and we may revoke or cancel points which were misused or earned incorrectly due to any system error or other issue. Offer of points does not include rod purchases which have been given a free fly line or other free items, including in combos or outfits. If you would prefer points instead of free fly line or other free items, let us know and we may be able to manually adjust this for some purchases.

*Please Note: Manufacturer exclusions may apply, such as Nautilus reels, and Scott fly rods, which are ineligible for rebates or rewards of any kind at the request of Nautilus - (If another dealer is offering something, tell us and we may be able to match the deal although they are not supposed to do this). If any other brand requests not to participate in a rewards program this is subject to change at any time. No points for gift card purchase, only actual fishing gear.

For Example:

Spend $1,000 on a fly rod or reel, get 1000 points (1 point per dollar), which can then be redeemed at 10 points per dollar. This will get you 10% back in rewards which you can spend on anything you like, such as a new reel for your rod, or a fly line, some leaders, flies, or whatever you like. *Points are not valid for rods purchased with a free fly line and will be revoked if issued.

Refer a friend and they get $20! They just need to spend $150 or more once you refer them. Then you ALSO get $20 off your next $150!

You can save your points up or use them all at once, they can be redeemed in $20 increments (200 points at a time).

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*Some of the big retailers have rewards programs which give an effective 10% discount, so only to match their programs we are happy to give you an instant credit on your order (typically 10% off but it varies), if you request a price match - Call us! This is not a discount, it is an instant credit toward your purchase to match the offers of our competitors. Call or email us any time and we will take care of it right away! *This is ONLY a MATCH of the competitor's rewards program and should correspond to a specific product, or if they give a blanket discount/rebate we will match that instantly for your order. *We reserve the right to refuse this match at our discretion and subject to various manufacturers' requirements for dealers - For example: Nautilus reels are not eligible for points/rebates/rewards nor can we offer free fly lines with these reels.

Yes, We Price Match (Contact Us) - We also match other authorized dealers for any rewards programs or similar incentives (*Excluding NAUTILUS, at their request). We are here to help with advice, gear suggestions, stock questions, ETA on hard-to-get items, and anything else you might need. We can customize any of our rod and reel combos for you as well.