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Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures
Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures
Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures
Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures
Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures
Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures
Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures
Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures
Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures

Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures

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Andros South Lodge - Bahamas Fly Fishing Adventures

Venture out across the flats of Andros in search of the best bonefish out there!

Located in the settlement of Kemp’s Bay on the southeastern shore of Andros Island, Andros South Lodge fly fishes some of the most diverse, productive and least traveled waters in all of the Bahamas. If you are looking for white tablecloths and day spas, this is not your place. But if you are looking for clean and simple accommodations, skilled guides, quality equipment and a great Bahamas fly fishing program, this destination needs to be on your list.

Variety is most definitely the spice of life on South Andros. If you like the thought of miles of easy to wade, white sand flats, hidden and unspoiled mangrove creeks, remote inland lakes and numerous locations that offer shelter from the wind, Andros South is ideal. Add to that remote, rarely visited cays that are home to schools of bonefish numbering in the thousands and expansive ocean-side flats that attract bruisers from the deep, and you will begin to see why this operation is confident in showing you a unique, quality saltwater fly fishing experience every day of your trip.

All anglers enjoy clean, comfortable and air-conditioned single occupancy rooms with private bathrooms. Meals feature fresh seafood including lobster and conch, as well as other Bahamian favorites. Focusing on the things that matter most, Andros South prides itself on friendly service, great food and a well-tuned fishing program that will show you the best of what this remarkable region has to offer.



Andros South is a 20-minute drive from Congo Town in the southern portion of Andros Island.

Fishing Program:
Breakfast starts early. Our breakfast staff arrives at 5:30 AM and prepares coffee immediately. Prior to daybreak, you'll notice lights in the dining room and guests are welcome to pour a cup of coffee and enjoy it on our outdoor patio while the sun rises. This is a perfect time to discuss the day's fly fishing strategy and recount highlights of the previous day with friends or other guests. Our breakfasts are in the traditional American style and start at 6:30 AM. Our guests are invited to prepare their own lunch from the many choices available to them from our lunch preparation table. Cold cuts, fresh breads, tuna fish, meats, snacks, fruit, cookies, sodas and juices may be placed in your own container and included in a nearby cooler that will accompany you on your boat. Our van parks adjacent to our facility at 7:15 AM and departs for the nearby dock at 7:30 AM. Guests are assisted into their boats and are on their way by 8:00 AM each morning. Selecting from an array of areas to fly fish and depending upon winds, tides and personal choices, our guests will be casting within 15 minutes to an hour from their departure time and will be returned by 4:30 PM. Options to fly fish for longer periods may be available and should be coordinated prior to departure.

As many of the flats of South Andros are wadeable, guests have the option to depart their boat and wade for hours at a time if they wish and if conditions allow. It will sometimes occur that, once reaching a flat, your guide poles the boat for a period of time to determine the activity and presence of feeding fish. Once it’s determined that the fish are around, guests may prepare themselves for wading while the guide secures the boat. The flats fishing that follows is world-class.

At the end of the fly fishing day, while waiting for all boats to return, our guests may enjoy a cold beverage at the Little Creek Bar, a wonderfully colorful meeting place right at the dock. Discussing the day's successes and enjoying an ice-cold Kalik (a Bahamian favorite beer) at this popular gathering spot is a great way to complete a day on the flats of South Andros Island.

Returning to the lodge, guests are welcome to enjoy a snack on the patio and an additional beverage as well. Beer, wine and soft drinks are complimentary throughout your stay at Andros South. Cocktails may be personally mixed at our bar. We provide a selection of complimentary mixers and have a variety of spirits that may be purchased by the bottle. You may also wish to make your alcohol purchases at one of the Duty-Free shops at the airport. This is also a great time for guests to enjoy a dip in the ocean. There is an attractive beach on our property and just a short walk to the north lies a world-class, 7-mile beach firm enough for an enjoyable run or an unforgettable swim.

Andros has been a name synonymous with big bonefish, and South Andros has built a reputation over the years as being the location to try for a 'giant'. Names like Grassy Creek, Deep Creek, Little Creek, the Water Cays and Curley Cut Cays are intrinsically linked to sight fishing for some of the world's largest bonefish. Ideally situated midway between the South Bite and Curly Cut Cays, Andros South accesses some of the most remote flats, while also providing many sheltered locations irrespective of wind direction.


Accommodations and Meals:
Andros South is a friendly, laid-back bonefishing lodge that concentrates on providing a fishing experience that is second to none. The lodge is a very comfortable place to spend a week fishing, relaxing and enjoying a quiet island in the Bahamas. The rooms are clean, comfortable and air-conditioned. Each has its own bathroom, which awaits you with a warm relaxing shower at the end of your fishing day. Each angler has their own private room. Each room has tile floors and is furnished with comfortable beds and modern dressers and nightstands.

The dining room is welcoming and laid back. It is perfect to enjoy cocktails, great meals and conversation with friends, both new and old. Tiki Hut - newly constructed in the spring of 2006, the tiki hut is the new favorite spot to enjoy coffee in the morning, a cold Kalik in the afternoon, or conversation with fellow anglers at any time. The grounds are well-maintained and filled with coconut palms and a variety of other native plants. Also, between the guest rooms and the beach there is plenty of open sandy space to practice your casting in preparation for your next day of fishing. To the south of the lodge are the cottages and homes of some local families as well as a few Spanish fishermen. They are warm friendly folks and we consider them a wonderful addition to the experience. You will find them sometimes walking through our ground over to the public dock that lies on the north side of the property. This is where some of the locals head off for a day at sea and return in the evening to clean their catch. It is also a great place to fish at night for snapper, barracuda or the occasional grouper.

The lodge is situated on a beautiful white sand beach, taking advantage of the intoxicating trade winds of the Bahamas. Take a relaxing swim each evening, maybe a walk or a run. You may even want to wade in with your fly rod and hone your casting while gazing out at azure blue water. There are also hungry barracuda and the occasional large bonefish cruising along the white sand. If you find yourself in need of a longer beach to run on, you can head just to the north of the marina and find yourself on a white sand beach that stretches as far as you can see.

Served at 6:30 PM, dinners at Andros South are served family-style and feature the finest and freshest products our island can provide. Each dinner is individually prepared by our kitchen staff and accents the tastes and flavors of the Bahamas. Fresh local fish, lobster, chicken and conch are featured with fresh desserts including key lime and coconut pie. Again, complimentary wine is available during dinner. Guests with dietary requirements are requested to notify us prior to arriving so we can adjust to your personal needs.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive Congo Town, South Andros (COX) in the afternoon. To get to Congo Town, you will need to make travel arrangements through direct-flight charter service via Ft. Lauderdale, or by flying commercial via Nassau, Bahamas. Once arrived, you'll be met by a lodge representative who will drive you to your accommodations (20 minutes). 
Days 2-6: Full days guided fishing on the flats of Andros.
Day 7: Depart the lodge after breakfast to Congo Town, to catch flights home. A lodge representative will drive you to the airport according to your flight schedule.


Rates and Details

2018 Rate: $4,100-$4,900 plus taxes per person for a 7 night/6 day package

Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, beer/wine/hard alcohol, transfers between Congo Town airport and the lodge, all ground transportation on South Andros, guided fishing, a selection of flies and/or terminal tackle, Bahamas VAT tax.

Not Included: Airfare to/from Congo Town (South Andros Airport), clothing, staff and guide gratuities.


Species: Bonefish, jacks, barracuda

Season: October - June

Capacity: 12 anglers

On the Map: Congo Town, Bahamas

Time: UTC-5 (DST-4). 



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