Permit Fly Fishing Trip to Guanaja, Honduras

August 24, 2022
Permit Fly Fishing Trip to Guanaja, Honduras
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Permit fishing Honduras

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I will be hosting a trip to Guanaja for (8) Anglers this Oct 22-29. I have been able to secure a special rate of $3450 + $200 for transportation from Roatan to Guanaja. This is a wicked deal, including 7 nights 6 days of fly fishing, all-inclusive meals - drinks.  Not included gratuities. Direct flights from the USA to Roatan are available from Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, and Houston. 

This is by far the premier location I have ever fished for Permit, during my stay I encountered at least 10-15 shots at Permit per day! The fishery also includes Bonefish and Tarpon, Bonefish are larger than 4-10 pounds, Tarpon are in the 40 LB range and most are resident year-round Tarpon. Snook are also in the Mangroves. This unique fishery gives a fly angler the chance at a Grand Slam, Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon, and Snook and a very good chance at a Slam. This fishery is not heavily fished the lodge closes several times a year to give the fishery a rest. We will have lots of fun with casting tips, proper fly presentation, fly selection, leader construction, and other tips to help your success.

This is an English-speaking Country, everyone speaks both English and Spanish. The Guides are all native-born and raised on Guanaja, probably the most knowledgable and enthusiastic I have ever fished with. A great destination to bring a spouse, beautiful waterfalls throughout the island, birds, beaches, and snorkeling. The water is gin clear.

Here are a few pics from my trip. I have this week reserved in my name for a few weeks, so we need head counts and deposits.

Most trips like this cost anywhere from $4800 - $5500 per week. Trust me this is a great destination.

Call or text if you have any further questions.

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