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Sage MAVERICK Fly Rod Review - The NEW Sage Maverick for Saltwater Fly Fishing

Sage MAVERICK Fly Rod Review - The NEW Sage Maverick for Saltwater Fly Fishing

SAGE MAVERICK (Click Here to View)

Hello everyone, we just got to test the new Sage Maverick with our rep and our first shipment of the rods is coming in very soon. It is one of the few true "saltwater fly rods" designed specifically for that application. Most rods are just freshwater rods in larger sizes, but not the Maverick. The Sage Maverick is purpose-built for saltwater and each size (weight or "wt") corresponds to the most likely target species, i.e. the 8wt is for Bonefish and similar fish, the 9-10wt are perfect for Permit, and the 11-12wt can easily handle a Tarpon or Giant Trevally. They even made a 14wt for you offshore fly fishermen to enjoy. 

We are very excited to have this rod in our shop because we are the number one specialty dealer for saltwater-specific fly fishing equipment and this rod will undoubtedly be our most-recommended fly rod for everyone from beginners to pros looking for a new favorite rod.

We have put together some great combos / rod & reel outfits that include free fly line, backing, and leaders. Check them out here:

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If you want a custom combo, call or email us any time for assistance: 941-483-6847 or info@saltflypro.com 


For more on the new Sage Maverick including hands-on photos and video review, stay tuned! We will be posting more about it very soon!

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