Sage R8 Core Fly Rod Review - NEW for 2022!

March 31, 2022
Sage R8 review fly rod
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Sage R8 Core Fly Rod Reviews - NEW for 2022!

*Looking for the new Sage SALT R8? Click Here!

Our review of the brand new Sage R8 Core fly rods is here! The new Sage R8 rods will take over for the Sage X in the lineup, covering similar weights from 3-9wt. No larger sizes on this series although the 7-9wt can definitely be used in saltwater as well as freshwater. For most of these rods Sage recommends the Rio Elite Gold series (and we agree). The 9wt R8 in particular might be perfect for Golden Dorado and similar species based on Sage's specific line recommendation for that rod being the new Rio Predator series (heavier duty than most typical lines). 

Here's an overview of all the new R8 Core models: 

3wt: 390

4wt: 490, 486, 4100

5wt: 590, 586, 5100

6wt: 690, 6100, 696

7wt: 790, 7100, 

8wt: 890, 8100

9wt: 990 (*Just buy the new Sage SALT R8 version now that it is out, although this one is excellent)


Check out the Sage R8 here for more images and info!

Sage R8 review

Honestly I laugh when people who’ve never fished it say the R8 is somehow a slow or medium action rod. This is a fast action rod, make no mistake. It is just very light in the hand so it’s deceptive but has tons of power in every weight I’ve tried (source: I run a fly shop so I have a stack of them all here). Will take light or heavy lines with ease. Feels totally different from any other rods I’ve used, and honestly even an average caster will benefit from this new tech. I can see maybe some traditionalists not liking this rod but for me it’s very obviously the future. This is Sage’s cutting edge tech and it shows while also being very well-rounded and approachable for a variety of skill levels. That’s impressive.

You can feel free to call or email to ask us questions. We have some of these in stock, not every size and they will likely go fast so give us a call: 941-483-6847

Sage R8 review

 More info and photos coming soon!


Sage R8 Fly Rods description from SAGE:


For most of us, an idyllic day on the water is not when we’re thinking more, but when we’re thinking less. Finding that state of fishing in the moment, where instinct and experience bring us to an almost zen-like awareness of each
subtle motion and movement—that’s what R8 CORE is all about. It’s not a race or
a competition, but a state we all aim to reach out on the water. With R8 CORE we enhance that two-way connection from hand to fly and back for greater feel, flow and control. This Amplified Two-Way Feedback Loop, due to our new axial fiber formulation, allows you to feel when the power needs to be applied throughout the cast, presentation, and when applying the appropriate pressure to fish - ultimately giving you the angler Complete Control. 

R8 CORE is focused on maximum versatility and applies new revolutionary material technology through our forward-thinking lens of what we’re seeing
out on the water, where one rod needs to show even greater range. At its core,
R8 CORE traces a direct lineage to Sage’s multi-application vision, one shaped by the fishing evolutions happening all around us—from habitats we stalk and waters we frequent, to the flies we fish and the diversity of species we now target.


• Effortless Energy Transfer and More Connected Feel • Maximized Versatility & Control
• Made to Fish, Not Just Cast


- Revolution 8 Technology
- Silver Pine blank color
- Slate primary thread wraps with graduated White and Grey trim
- Fuji ceramic stripper guides with hard chromed snake guides and tip-top - Black rod bag with new cord lock for quicker, easier, and cleaner storage - Aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

3wt - 6wt:

- Sustainable Ziricote wood insert with anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat - Premium Flor grade snub-nose half-wells cork handle

5wt - 9wt: (*Not all 5 or 6wt have the saltwater fighting butt, however all 7-9wt rods do)

- Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum reel seat

- Premium Flor grade full-wells cork handle with cork/EVA fighting butt

- Integrated “hidden” reel seat



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