Sage R8 Special Edition Colors - Front Range Olive and Retro Grey Review - NEW!

July 10, 2024
Sage R8 Core Special Edition Color Front Range Olive
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Sage R8 Special Edition Colors - R8 Front Range Olive and Retro Grey Review - NEW!

New Sage R8 Special Edition Colors "Front Range Olive" and "Retro Grey" have just been announced for the R8 Core 4wt, 5wt, and 6wt (only the most popular 9'0" length for each of those rods). These new colors will be exclusive to high-end fly shops and specialty dealers like us. Those of you who read my reviews know that I like more interesting colors, and while I always enjoyed the understated elegance of the standard R8 rods, I felt the newer Spey R8 that recently launched was actually much better-looking and more interesting than the standard R8 range. These new special edition colors are a great thing for Sage to launch, and will keep the lineup interesting. As soon as I learned about them, I ordered a good percentage of the total production of these rods (700 will be made in total, distributed across the six different models). I am keeping a few for myself, naturally.

They look fantastic (check out the product pages for more photos). Here's one other nice thing: There is no price premium above the normal R8 Core at $1,050 which is unexpected but welcome and I think that will make it a very easy decision for many potential buyers. Any questions, feel free to email or call us any time guys, and thanks for supporting us!




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