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Scott Wave Fly Rod Review

Scott Wave Fly Rod Review

Scott Wave fly rod review

The new Scott Wave fly rods have just come out and we will be reviewing all of the different weights as soon as we can! Check them out here: Scott Wave Fly Rods

First impressions of the Scott Wave 8wt: This is going to have to compete with our best-selling rod ever, the Sage Maverick. That's the one to beat in this category as (based on my firsts impressions) it will easily surpass any less expensive options like the TFO Axiom-II X which is in the same category of mid-priced high-performance fly rods intended for saltwater. Personally I am a huge fan of this new rod.

Read on for my thoughts, but if you want me to make a long story very short - I am keeping one for myself, I just put it directly into my Fishpond travel case with my other personal rods, so that should tell you everything you need to know. This is going to be a big hit with a lot of people. You will be impressed. My Sage Maverick just started sweating. (I'm only joking, the Maverick has been thoroughly tested in all different conditions for years and never fails. I still need to fully test this new Wave but everything I have felt and seen so far has been great).

Scott Wave Fly Rods

The Scott Wave fly rod I just tested was absolutely excellent. I was very impressed with the effortless performance and the weight is noticeably less than most saltwater rods. You have to wonder, what did they "take away" from the rod to keep the price down? Because I can't see a thing I don't like about the rod itself. If I am being picky, it's the flimsy storage bag that is the only real complaint I could find, and that barely matters. Even the nylon rod tube is fairly well-made with a good zipper. If the only thing Scott saved money on was the storage sock or packaging, I wouldn't be surprised and I can't complain either. This rod is easily worth more than what they charge.

I have used basically every saltwater rod. I regularly carry around a Sage Maverick or Salt HD, and/or my Winston rods.

I really like both this new Scott Wave and the Sage Maverick but for different reasons. Again, I am left wondering what the manufacturers even left out, since these rods are so nice and work perfectly well. Anyone thinking there is a better rod than either the Scott Wave or Sage Maverick without spending $1,000+ is simply misinformed. Nothing is close. That being said, I think it would be tough to choose between them and if I had to give an edge to one I might say this new Scott Wave is my current favorite. I sell a metric ton of Mavericks every year and I never hesitate to recommend them. It had no competition until now.

I actually like both the looks and the performance of each rod (testing the 8wt) so I think now the real question is how each one performs in all the other sizes (available in 6-12wt). This might take me awhile to get done, but I'll try them all.

In the mean time, rest assured that the Scott Wave is fantastic and I highly recommend it. Looking forward to trying all the sizes as soon as I have some more time. You can call and talk to me directly if you'd like to know more.


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Scott Wave Fly Rods

*More photos and a full review coming very soon! Feel free to call or email us to ask questions about it and anything you need!

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