TFO Solution Review - New Fly Rods for 2024!

June 21, 2024
TFO Solution Review - New Fly Rods for 2024!
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TFO Solution Fly Rod Review - New Rods for 2024!

Model-by-Model Review and Comparison

These new TFO Solution fly rods are fantastic and a whole new level of design and performance for TFO. We already enjoyed the Blitz saltwater series and this new Solution is for all the trout / freshwater guys who have been waiting for a great rod that wasn’t over $1,000 - this is the Solution that TFO came up with for the price-to-performance equation.

Models Available: (all are 4-piece)

3wt: 8'0"

4wt: 8'6" and 9'0"

5wt: 8'6" and 9'0" (plus a longer 9'6" model which we didn't test yet)

6wt: Two 9'0" rods, one with standard freshwater handle and another with a fighting butt. 

7wt: 9'0" (plus a longer 10'0" model which we didn't test yet)

8wt: 9'0" only (a size category we know extremely well here at Salt Fly Pro)


The shortest way to review these new rods would be to say that you should just get one if this is the price range you are in the market for... Why? Because nothing else exists at this price point that is close to this level of performance. Next up from $499 is the $675 mark with the Sage Sonic and the new Scott Session (both very nice rods also, but $175 is money that could go toward a nice reel or fly line too). 

Popular question everyone will ask: "How do these new rods compare to ______." We will do a full "shootout" style of review rounding up all the freshwater rods at the mid-price level (let's say arbitrarily $300-$675 or so) and then the $1,000+ level as well. This secret review isn't quite ready and we are also going to be testing rods that haven't been announced yet to the public.




We will have a more in-depth review soon as we are still testing these new rods, so stay tuned or feel free to call / email us with any questions in the mean time. 

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