Thomas & Thomas Avantt II Review / Avantt 2 Fly Rod Review

March 6, 2024
Thomas & Thomas Avantt II Review / Avantt 2 Fly Rod Review
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Thomas & Thomas Avantt II (2) Review - Excellent New T&T Fly Rods! The Best New Fly Rods for Trout

Is it the Avantt 2 or Avantt II? Either way it's the second generation of rods in the Avantt lineage. These rods are excellent. Thomas & Thomas launched their new flagship freshwater fly rods and they are fantastic. I will tell you right now, these are much better than the last generation, which was already a very good rod. T&T has always crafted some of the most beautiful and best-feeling fly rods ever, and they set out to top that once again. I think they did a perfect job with this rod. 

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It's no surprise this rod is very nice. As always the 5wt and 6wt in 9'0" length will probably be the big sellers here at our shop since they are the most popular weights for freshwater rods in general, but T&T have cooked up plenty of other cool new rods in this Avantt II family.   

This is my favorite freshwater fly rod in 2024 

Regarding fly lines we mainly test with the most popular "fast action" freshwater fly rods: RIO Gold series (several different levels of this at different prices but Elite Gold is the top end) and of course Scientific Anglers Infinity series. These are the big sellers for freshwater, and yes there are many other fly lines for more specialized purposes but this covers what most people will need. Specific dry fly or streamer lines will also work just fine with these rods. I even tested my 6wt Bonefish Plus line on the 5wt and it handled it just fine.



We are still working on a more in-depth review. So this is going to be a work in progress as most of our reviews are, where we add more about each model as we have time to test them more.

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