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Milkfish Flies

Milkfish Flies

The Milkfish, or Chanos chanos, is native to the Indian Ocean and is widely regarded as the one of the most challenging sport fish available to fly fishermen. Some say it fights like a coked up tarpon, with many dramatic leaps into the air and runs that will spool you in a matter of seconds. That is even more impressive considering its diet is primarily seaweed (algae) and it is not really a predatory fish in spite of its immense power and speed. Because of this unique diet, it is not a species caught by conventional fishermen and is therefore the exclusive domain of the best fly fishermen. If you have any questions or need assistance gearing up to pursue the Milkfish, let us know - 

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*Note: We will be adding more milkfish flies in different sizes and colors soon... stay tuned for the new stuff!

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