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Used Fly Rods

Used Fly Rods & Reels

We offer used fly rods, select reel brands and other pre-owned items and mainly accept these types of items from customers we know. Did you buy your rod or reel from us and you want to upgrade? Call or email us! We are always happy to help our good customers upgrade any time.

We have a very limited inventory of used fly rods and reels because our standards are very high when assessing used equipment. We can't guarantee anything but if you have questions, call us. 

*Want to upgrade your gear? Call us! If you have a nice/clean rod or reel you'd like to trade in for store credit / upgrade, let us know: 941-483-6847 or 

What we will usually take: Basically all Sage, Winston, Scott, Thomas & Thomas, and G. Loomis rods or other great fly rod or reel brands at a similar level to these. Basically if we sell it here new, we would likely also consider a used item but feel free to ask us. For fly reels we have to be extremely selective but Nautilus, Shilton, and some Abel reels are usually what we prefer to look at, since they are usually all extremely durable. If you have another brand, feel free to ask.

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