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Black Alphlexo Crab #2 - NEW!

Black Alphlexo Crab #2 - NEW!

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Black Alphlexo Crab #8 - NEW!

Ok do we call it the “Goth Crab” or “Pirate Crab” or “Death Metal Crab” or what? Ninja Crab? Anyway it’s really cool. Buy it or get punched in the face. This crab is hardcore and stealthy. Small but dangerous. A flats assassin.

Hook Size: #8


Originally designed for fly fishing The Seychelles, the Alphlexo Crab has become a must-have fly for targeting saltwater species such as bonefish and permit worldwide.

These are the genuine Alphlexo Crabs that are produced in South Africa for our friends at Alphonse Fishing Co., who developed and perfected the fly for their guide and lodge operations in The Seychelles.