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RIO's Smelling Salt #1/0 - Black & Purple

RIO's Smelling Salt #1/0 - Black & Purple

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RIO's Smelling Salt #1/0 - Black & Purple

RIO’s Smelling Salt was designed with the laid up tarpon in mind, with a soft landing presentation, foul preventing mono loop under the tail, and neutral buoyancy for a perfect fishing fly.  On recent research trips it was noted that this fly also had a very interesting side effect, in addition to tarpon, snook couldn’t keep their mouths away from it.  This pattern is ideal for the Florida fisherman that doesn’t necessarily want to purchase “tarpon specific” patterns, and would rather buy patterns that will work for many species.


Hook Size: #1/0


Available in multiple color options. Good to have a variety depending on location and conditions. 

Colors: Chartreuse, Black & Red, Tan & Olive, Tan & Orange, Black & Purple