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Seigler Reels SF Small Fly Reel with Lever Drag

Seigler Reels SF Small Fly Reel with Lever Drag

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SEIGLER Reels SF Small Saltwater Fly Reel with Lever Drag - NEW ARRIVAL!!!  

The Small Game Saltwater Fly Reel 

The SF is like the MF's twin brother that went on the Atkins diet - it looks similar but is thinner at the waistline. Coming in under 8oz, the SF has the same spool diameter as the MF but has a narrower width. Don't let the size fool you! The SF has the stopping power of most 12wts. This saltwater fly reel was created & designed to handle the most variety of saltwater species while still light enough to cast all day long! Perfect for 6, 7, and 8wt rods but can handle a 9wt just fine. Want even more backing capacity? Go for the Seigler MF!

-Lever Drag System
-Dovetail Reel Seat
-Asymmetrical Spool
-E-Clip Spool Fastener
-Oversized Handle (smaller than the BF & MF)
-Field Serviceable
*Reel comes with Travel Kit to swap retrieve 
*To learn how to change retrieve Click Here
*Large Handle available upon request
Box Challenge includes: Bonefish, Triggerfish, Redfish, Sheepshead
Line Weights: 6-8wt