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Nautilus Fly Reels

Nautilus Fly Reels

Call us any time for assistance: 941-483-6847 

We do get plenty of reels in stock but they sell very fast. Pre-ordering is the BEST way to get Nautilus reels even in 2023! There is NO CHARGE to be on our waitlist! Please call or email us if you have questions. We do have a good amount of Nautilus reels in stock, but not "all" of the reels in each color you see here, however these are made available so they can be pre-ordered. We can also make you a draft order for any normally stocked Nautilus reel at no charge to you up front, and we will call you when we get it. Cancel later if you want, we will sell every Nautilus reel we get regardless so we aren't worried about it.

Nautilus makes some of the best reels for saltwater fly fishing! Our inventory changes constantly so please call us any time: 941-483-6847 or Email:

*Again, there is no charge to pre-order colors as well as silver/black for any Nautilus reel model. Cancel it later if you want to, we don't mind. Also, if you check out here and we don't have the one you wanted, we will just void the transaction, let you know and you won't be charged anything (but we can easily copy your info from the sale over to our waitlist if you want). Very easy. If you are open to multiple colors based on what we have in stock, we are also happy to offer substitutions if you would like that. Sometimes we get a big batch of blue reels, sometimes green, etc but they all look very nice. Want to be on the waitlist for multiple colors? That's fine too!

*Please note there are no discounts or sales for Nautilus (ever), at the direct request of their brand. If you see someone discounting they likely aren't a legitimate dealer and you should ask Nautilus directly before buying. 

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